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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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First of all, I want to greet everyone a very happy 2013! We may have had many problems and obstacles last 2012 but let us all remember that those experiences will be our stepping stone in making 2013 our year!

To start my 2013 right, let me share to you my photoblog that showcases a collage of pictures of my best memories of 2012!

Don't you just love Instaframe? Does anyone know how I can have a PC program that is equivalent to my Instaframe app?

Finished my internship at Jose Reyes Medical Center and Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center 

They gave me so many adventures and a lot of fun memories during my internship! 
I can say that they've let me experienced work and play at the same time!

Graduating from this kick ass program.

Oh yes! It's a kick-ass program! I was supposed to shift on my 2nd year but I chose to just experience the suspense, whether I'm gonna pass or not, and the fun of sleepless nights. If not for my friends from AMT and orgs, I would not have survive this program. They provided me comfort, fun and excitement to overcome this obstacle. 

Happy and loving relationship with the love of my life, Marve. 

Opposites attract, indeed!

Survived morning sickness and had a happy pregnancy, with a supportive family. 

I am one of the unfortunates who experienced morning sickness! One word: GRABEEEEE! Haha! 
As for my pregnancy, it was superb! I have a wonderful family and friends who've supported me all the way. No wonder my baby is such a very happy baby! 

Happy and successful childbirth! 

It was also the birth of a happy and loving parents!

Very supportive friends and family!

They came all the way from the comforts of their home and from the province (Raphael!) just to visit me and see my bundle of joy! 
Take note: Cardinal Santos was really far from civilization :)

A few weeks after the successful delivery of my baby,

I took and  passed my board exam in spite of the effects of anesthesia, lack of sleep, engorged breasts and the rush to go home and see my little baby. 

I never expected to pass and just took the test because it was already paid for. It was such a surprise that I passed my exam, considering I did not have the luxury of studying at home because I was always sleepy and morning sickness got in my way!

Started blogging

I thank my dad for pushing me to make a blog and also, bears the task of editing it!

I shall read more to enhance my creativity and writing skills!

Thank God for Pinterest!

Great high school and college barkada and friends  

We may have gone to our own journeys as Medical students, professionals and me, as a mom, but I know that, one day, I can be with them again, doing the craziest things we have done when we were in college!

Lastly, a loving and stronger family!

Oh wait!!!

I am so much blessed with a very happy, loving and handsome baby boy!

Hi Kyle!

I don't have New Year's resolutions.....  because it never gets done but I do have goals for this year!

  • Put up a business this very year! I must apply Feng Shui in my plans and, hopefully, I can do business with my girls. Clue: Valentine's day movie
  • Make Marve take his board exams. He wasn't able to take it last year to give way for my childbirth and my board exams.
My inspiration!

  • Bring back my sexy body!
  • Breastfeed my son exclusively until or over his 1st birthday
  • Learn how to cook like Marve!
  • Plan my son's first birthday like a boss!
  • Clean and organize the whole house and make it a baby-proof
  • Go back to dance class - Pamanadanse has it's first ever privately-owned dance studio! Kudos Wally! I'm so proud of you
  • Be able to make an organized grocery list and schedule of maintenance of the whole house
  • Hopefully, be able to do my Mighty Bucket List

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