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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

'Tis the season to be a jolly mom!

I’m participating in the Spend-Less Holidays: Saving While Savoring the Season Blog Carnival, hosted byThe Frugal Fil-Am and Dainty Mom. We’ll be sharing our tips on how to spend less this holiday season, so that we can have a more meaningful Christmas. Please scroll down to the end of the post to see the list of carnival entries.

Since now I am a mom, I took charge of the house. First thing to take charge of: the Christmas Decorations... in a frugal way of course... I've always wanted to buy those trees and decors that I saw in the mall but they were way too expensive and I have to be frugal because of our newest addition to the family.

My mom has been wishing to replace our small and dried up Christmas tree with a big and leafy one and, now that Marve came into my life, I was more daring to go to Divisoria. Marve has been bragging about it since he lived near that place almost his whole life. I never dared myself to go there alone so I have no idea how to do great shopping there.

We went there after my oath-taking last month. After the event and the lunch date with my family, I dressed up for my Divisoria shopping with my make-up on! I actually have no idea on how I want to decorate my home. "Come what may" is my motto for this shopping trip!

When we went there... we just went to 168 Mall, 999 Mall, and the road towards it. We just canvassed around for the best prices and we ended up at one store along the road for the tree and at 168 Mall for the decors. I have no idea how to assemble decors so I just asked the friendly staff of the Christmas tree store on ways to decorate our home.

People actually spend Php 20,000 - 30,000 on buying trees and decors but we just spent less than half of that! Marve is very good in doing tawad (bargaining) so I saved a lot more from what I've expected!

This is our finished product.

We bought an 8-foot high tree that's 2 feet higher than our previous one. I thought it wasn't tall enough but, when Marve assembled it, it almost reached our ceiling! 
Others will fill the tree with so many ribbons, balls, angels and etc. but I planned on making my decors simple for the tree. It actually looks great and expensive! Just pick a tree that is filled with the green that covers the trunk. Also, don't buy those fluffy greens. It makes your nose itchy when you go near them.
Guess what? This actually cost me less than Php 5000! And for the decors... less than Php 1000!

I just bought this Christmas stocking for only Php 100.00 each. I just used colored paper from my scrap materials and gold paint markers for the names of each one in the family. I included also our housemaids! It's always important to include them in your Christmas celebration. It's such a big sacrifice for them to be away from their families during the holidays.

I just bought fake poinsettias because I cannot attend yet to the real ones. I'm still in the process of learning how to do gardening! Haha! But they still looked great around the house and I can use them again for next year. 
You can buy a dozen these flowers for only Php150.

This our doorstep. I bought garlands for only Php80 each and then we placed them around the entrance. We interspersed gold and red flowers around it and placed our remaining fake poinsettias on top. We also placed a mistletoe on top! It's actually for my friends and their guy friends who just want to have a reason to... Haha! It is lighted during the evenings as well.
The small flowers are worth Php 100 a dozen and the mistletoe is Php150.

Our new wreath. Assembled by one of the sellers at Divisoria! I was so amazed at how it looked so expensive but actually its way affordable. You can also have it customized according to your ideas. Just pick the decors to put in the wreath, do the bargaining and then they will make it for you!

I also placed garlands above the windows on the facade of the house.  I got the inspiration from one of the Christmas issues of Better Homes and Gardens. I placed lights as well so it is well emphasized at night. Be sure to inspect and test your lights before purchasing them.
Pardon the garden. We are still in the process of landscaping, having filled it with flowers and green plants. We are just waiting for them to grow and look healthy before Christmas... so that it will be a very appealing home for having parties with friends and family.

This is the flower I placed at each end of the garland, placing red ribbons below to provide a bigger finish for each end. 
You can buy these big flowers for Php 250 a dozen. 

Finally, there is a purpose for that gold decor in our house. Before, it just gathered dust.  Now, its a receptacle for this decor.
You can purchase this decor for Php 100 for 3 pieces

Our new seven dwarfs! After 25 years... It's finally been repainted! A lot of kids passing enjoy looking at it and some also have their picture taken beside it! It was painted by Marve. He sure is very talented! I so love him!

To end this blog post.. One of our dwarfs saying "How you doin'?"

I suggest that you get inspiration from Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart or any magazines for homes, and plan on what you want for your Christmas. Then, go to Divisoria and go play mix-and-match with the decors that they sell. You can actually save a lot of money going there without sacrificing the quality of the tree and decors. Just be sure you have someone with with good bargaining skills and just wear something simple! It's hard to make tawad (bargaining) if you wear something more than the usual casual look.
Oh! I'm planning right now for our Christmas theme next year. I've heard that after New Year, Divisoria prices go way down - almost less than half of the original price. So after the holidays, I will buy decors for next year so that I can save more money and time and just concentrate on learning how to cook for the holidays next year!


  1. I love your decors! :) especially the dwarves!

  2. I love your decors, Cheska! Divi really has great finds at a more cheaper price!

  3. Great finds! Hoping to find courage to go to Divisoria :)

  4. Thank you Christine! :) Yes, I agree!

  5. Thank you Mariel :) Just be sure to have someone with you. Someone who knows good bargaining and adventurous enough! I was scared also when I went there for the first time but eventually, when you'll learn the biz there... you'll be surprised on your "divisoria" skills :)

  6. Hello, Chesca! Love the red themed decor. I am a fan of the traditional Christmas colors, too! :) I also love scouting for great deals on decor, though I've not been to DV since we first got our Christmas decorations four years ago. I should go back!

    Thanks for joining our little carnival! Isn't it great to see how other moms are spending the Christmas season more intentionally? God bless!!!

  7. Hi! Love the way you put all the decors together and how the red really pops out :)

  8. Your decors look really LOVELY, Cheska! :) Next year, we should definitely go to Divisoria! Hehe! God bless!

  9. Go to Divisoria this January! Marve told me that they cut the price off, as low as 50% off! You can plan your color theme for next year and buy your decors this January!