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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SM Ladies Fashion at Mega Prive Series

Last November 20, 2012, I was given tickets by SM Ladies Fashion to watch their  showcase of their latest collection - Color Blocking, Cosmic Patterns and Global Nomad at the MEGA Prive Series. I asked Marve to go home to Manila and accompany me at this event. It's been 2 years since I've attended this kind of event and I know I don't have any acquaintances there so I really have to bring someone with me. 

My post-partum look!

I had to wear something loose for my top because my breasts got bigger when I nursed my baby boy. It's my first time to wear something this fashionable. I just had to go for it!

Cocktails were already being served when we got there. Good thing, they serve my favorite drink, Cosmopolitan! It's my first drink after I got pregnant and had my baby. However, Marve limited me to 1 drink only.. while he had 3! :)) 

The show hosted by Ms. Issa Litton

Presenting their latest collection...




And this is my personal favorite! I shall include this in my Christmas Wishlist!

Ohh! I saw my ultimate idol in Photography... Mr. Wig Tysman! Ultimate fan girl moment that time! Marve laughed at me when we left because he never saw me go gaga over a personality! We saw a lot of celebrities around, especially in my OB's clinic, but I just ignore them. Haha!

Remember the Nescafe Commercial wherein he photographed the indigenous tribes and their culture? That's him! I always wanted to visit those tribes, spend time to learn their culture, especially their dance, and document it through pictures! Which reminds me, I have to start with my photo/travel blog soon! 

I just included this picture because Marve needed some proof that he went with me to that event! Haha! We need more night-outs Love! We also need more glamour!

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