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Friday, November 9, 2012

Movie Review - Skyfall

Last Wednesday, Marve and I celebrated our anniversary late at night. We waited for my mom to arrive so that she can take over caring for baby Kyle but she arrived home very late. So Marve and I decided to just have a simple dinner then watch a movie. Then I thought of watching Skyfall...

The James Bond series has been fascinating people for over 50 years... He fascinated me for over 15 years. My dad and brother are fond collectors of the series and I've watched it together with them.

One of the reasons to watch the film was Daniel Craig being James Bond - smoking hot!! Unfortunately, in this movie he didn't show much skin unlike his other Bond movies.

We watched Skyfall at the SM Mall of Asia. When we bought the tickets, we were surprised that it is now worth Php 200. The last time I watched a movie in a moviehouse was when I was 5 months pregnant - so that's almost 8 months ago! Anyway, I'm sure there is a good reason for the price hike.

After the show of trailers and the funny ad campaign against piracy, I was surprised with the clarity of the movie. SM MOA cinemas really did define High Definition. The price hike was definitely worth it! You will surely appreciate the film, especially the part when he was in Shanghai, China and Macau.

Oh! The theme song of the movie was sung by Adele. Nice huh? It was really good! You will surely keep on singing it until the end of the movie credits! I was not a fan of Adele but now, I am! Amazing voice!

The Bond girls of Skyfall - Bérénice Marlohe and Naomi Harris
You will love the fashion of Bérénice. She is so sexy and hot! On the other hand, Naomi reminds me Lara Croft. She was really into action! Oh! Those poor Range Rovers!

The new "Q"! Bond underestimated the new "Q" because he was so young compared to the previous Qs but after Q showed what he got... Bond was speechless! Geeks can really rule the world!

The steamy part! Haha! I was amazed  with Daniel Craig in this part. Imagine being molested by a gay, former MI6 agent! The dialogue here was funny and sexy though.

There is a good lesson in this movie - go back to the basics. Well, for one to succeed, going to back the basics will be your good foundation to win the war. And that's where Skyfall falls in. Watch it! It will really make you think! Good thing, Marve was with me to explain things!

SPOILER ALERT! It was really sad when ___ died. (I guess you have to watch to find out!) but we just have to move on and adapt to the modern world. Anyway, I wanna watch out for Ralph Fiennes in the next James Bond movies. Let's see if he can justify the role!

I don't wanna tell you more about the movie. It will just spoil things so just watch it! It is totally worth it and surely you will enjoy watching it, especially - Daniel Craig!


  1. Skyfall is streets ahead of Quantum of Solace, probably not as good as Casino Royale, but is a decent addition to the series. Definitely worth seeing, that’s for sure. Good review Cheska.

    1. Thank you Dan O! I just hope they wont stop making James Bond movies and I hope for more Daniel Craig! Haha!

  2. I soo love Ralph Fiennes! Although it's sad to see ____ go *spoiler alert*