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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lookbook.nu for the sexy preggy and nursing moms!

I will have my Lookbook.nu account soon! Hopefully, I can be part of the fashionista's world, even with larger breasts and an almost-chubby body!

When my bump was getting bigger and bigger, I had a hard time finding clothes for my body. First, compared to other preggy mommas, my belly was smaller. Second, my boobs were really too big for my body type and, lastly, I'm still attending parties and get-togethers and I really wanted to be stylish and still be able to wear shorts and tights! 

I started experimenting on clothes. Together with my boyfriend, I explored the whole SM Mall of Asia, went inside different stores and looked for clothes that I could improvise as my sexy preggy clothes. I also want it to be wearable, even after I give birth, and for nursing my Little Buddy! Multi-purpose!

First, let me start with this top from Giordano. By boyfriend, Marve, insisted I wear this top. Because of the hot weather, I really don't want to wear dark clothes  but he keeps on insisting that I wear this. When I did, I often wore this at occasions with shorts or tights! I feel sexy and stylish! Scroll down and see how I wore my pre-pregnancy pants and shorts. Look how sexy I am at the right picture. I was almost 9 months pregnant here and ready to pop!

This I Love my Baby Bump shirt is from Mothercare Philippines. I got it while it was on sale but I think I still see these around at Greenbelt and Bonifacio High Street. 

From Gingersnaps Philippines.I don't recommend this piece for pregnant moms who frequently urinate as well as those who suffer from urinary incontinence. Before you urinate, you will have to remove the piece from the top.

This is also from Gingersnaps Philippines. This is also perfect if you are working after childbirth. It can flawlessly hide the small bump you have! 


Don't underestimate clothes from the maternity section of the department stores. My mom got this from Additions - Shoemart. She also bought one for herself! Look how stylish it is. You can wear it after childbirth and not be mistaken for as a maternity top. They also sell skinny pants that has the stretchable option for your growing belly!

From edc by Esprit. This would be great with black tights!

How I wore my pre-pregnancy pants and shorts!

The Rubber Band Technique!

If you are wearing loose clothes and clothes that are beyond your waistline, this is a perfect technique for you! This is what I did throughout my pregnancy because there were no maternity jeans that can flatter my lower body like my jeans before I got pregnant.

Just loop one end of a rubber band over the button, insert it through the buttonhole, and then loop the other end back over the button.
To avoid any discomfort from the rubber band rubbing your skin, try wearing a fitted tank top underneath, then tuck the top in, or wear high-waist skin-toned underwear! 

My Wishlist when I was pregnant - because of typhoons and very strong rains, I rarely went out, especially when my baby bump grew big.  I also wasn't able to invest time in ordering these clothes online.  However, I want to share this to you. I believe these clothes will flatter your sexiness during pregnancy! I provided the sites below the pictures. Check them out!

They've temporarily transferred to 12 Anahao St., Valle Verde 4, Pasig City (according to their recent email to me). They are open from 9am~6pm, Monday through Friday



Also, check out Mommy Matters! I got this top recently at Medela Moms for my new collection of stylish and sexy nursing clothes! Until now, I am still searching for clothes that are, again, stylish and sexy so that I can go anywhere and still breastfeed my child in style! I want to promote breastfeeding among young moms like me and, hopefully, I can also promote it by shamelessly doing it public! Hopefully, I can make another blog post about clothes that could be improvised as a easy-nursing wear!

BTW! If you want a one-stop shopping for your maternity and nursing clothes, try to contact Medela MomsThey only do appointments. They not only sell Medela products and provide help for breastfeeding moms, but they also sell different selections of maternity and nursing clothes from different brands like what I posted in my wishlist - Mommy Matters, Mamaway and Latch-a-babe clothes. They also provide hard-to-find maternity bras! Their house is also filled with other topnotch baby products and nursing aids for moms! Ohhh! Please also do baby wearing! They also have different imported brands for it!

Mobile number: (0917) 5614366.   Tel: 725-3723, 738-6272 and 964-7331. E-mail: medelamoms@gmail.com.


  1. you are definitely one chic momma as well!:)

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I can be stylish as you now that I have a husband-to-be and a son. I want to be always presentable even if motherhood gets me!

  2. Thanks, Cheska! You are definitely one stylish, fun mom! : )

    1. Thank you Mommy Maricel! Hope to see you soon!

  3. Thanks to you! I now know the rubber band technique! on my next pregnancy perhaps !