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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A celebration for one of my overfilled bucket of blessings

Last Sunday, October 7, I had attended my oath taking as a registered Medical Technologist at the Manila Hotel. I have often dreamt of Marve and I taking and passing the board exams together and also, with style and glamour, attending our oath taking together.  However, I was the only one given the chance to take the board. That day, Marve brought me to Manila Hotel, then went to his aunts' house while waiting for me. I flew solo that day :| None of my barkada in my section attended their oath taking.

During the proceedings, my good friend, Rainer called me.  His dad, being a PRC Commissioner, had a table reserved for his family and Rainer asked me to join them at their table. Still, I wanted a companion or family member with me there so I sent Marve a SMS, asking him to join me at the event. Fortunately, as there were seats still available at our table, Rainer's dad graciously allowed Marve to join us. Yay!  Marve, appropriately dressed in a suit, made it to Manila Hotel within minutes.

Marve and I
At least, even if  Marve wasn't taking his oath, he was still with me when I attended my own oath taking.

Together with Rainer's dad, Mr. Alfredo Po.

with Ma'am Jani!

with Dr. Priscilla Torres, our dean!

with Ma'am Milba Rutaquio of ACTS Review Center
 Miss Rutaquio was among those who who helped me during my review at ACTS, making sure I was comfortable during my pregnancy.

My PRC Card!

My Certificate of Registration

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