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Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm Back! -What happened to me for these past few months-

Oh yes! I'm back! It's been months since my last blog post. Those months were filled with so much blessings! The Lord has been so kind to me. He blessed me with a very very very happy pregnancy with Kyle. It was hard at first because I was really suffering from morning sickness and I was struggling with it during my internship, community immersion and academics. After my graduation, everything went smoothly. I took my review classes for my board exam even if I was always sleepy and my stomach was so big that I couldn't even fit in my chair.

Then, came the Habagat! Marve and I were stuck inside my home. He couldn't even go to Manila and Bulacan because of the flood and the fear that the baby might come out during the floods. I was past my due date so, we were praying at those times for Kyle not to come out yet because even high cars cannot get out of our village. Luckily, the Lord answered our prayers. After the hard rains, we immediately went to my OB to find out if Kyle is going out anytime sooner.  However, my cervix remained closed and there were no signs of it opening so my OB scheduled me for a C-section (caesarean section) the day after. I was so scared because it's my first time to undergo major surgery but, at the same time, I was so excited because I will be seeing my Baby Kyle after 9 months of waiting. 

Morning came... I was prepped up and was put to sleep because I was so scared even if I was administered spinal anesthesia. Thus, I didn't witness the whole procedure. I woke up for a while when they were putting Kyle upon my breasts so he can have his first milk from me but I fell asleep later on. I woke up again in the recovery room hoping that they will release me sooner so that I can see and hold my baby. Everything went so smoothly. Everyday, for five days, friends and family came to visit me and baby Kyle. Even those who I did not expect to come, came to see my bundle of joy. Awwww. Thank you so much guys! I'm so much blessed to have you all!

After five days of confinement, we all  went home.  I was supposed to go back to my review but, because I was so into my baby most of the time, I did not review anymore and just depended on luck. I was even planning not to take my exams anymore and just take it next year but Marve and Mama pressured me to take it and found a way for me to take the board exams. None of my uniforms fit anymore! They got me scrubs for that day and I was the only one in the building wearing colored clothes. During  the exams, I was always the first to submit my test papers, being in a hurry to go home for my baby. I was so not into my game on those days. I just went there to take the exams so that my application won't go to waste.

The night before the release of results of the board exam... I just prayed to the Lord. I thanked him so much for all the blessings He has bestowed upon me. I was so shy to ask him to pass me so I just told Him that whatever happens... Pass or Fail... I will still be thankful as I know He has better plans for me. The night after.. the results came. I just can't believe that by typing my name after pressing Crtl+F, I will see my name among the successful examinees who passed the Medical Technology Board exams.

As Sophocles said, "God's dice always has a lucky roll." Indeed, I am on the roll this year. He gave  me a happy pregnancy, a successful childbirth, a healthy child, a wonderful and loving boyfriend and now He gave me the three-letter extension after my name, RMT. I am now Dominique Francesca S. Layug, R.M.T! To God be the Glory!


  1. I am so happy for you, chesky!:) you deserve all the happiness coming your way!:D

    1. Thank you so much Ava! Congrats din sa bagong baby boy! Ang sarap ng feeling ng pagiging Mommy! Hope to see you soon Ava! Mas makakarelate na ako sa iyo :) HAHA!