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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Baby and Me Event: Breastfeeding Basics

Last Saturday, September 22, I attended the Baby and Me Event: Breastfeeding Basics of Mothercare Philippines at Bonifacio High Street. This event was open for expecting mothers as well as new mothers who wants to breastfeed their children. Here they will tackle the basics of breastfeeding and learn tips on how to avoid common problems and mistakes during breastfeeding. 

I've been breastfeeding my son, Kyle for over a month now and I feel that I haven't perfected the art and skill of breastfeeding. I never expected to breastfeed my son seriously. Since I was born with big breasts, I thought breastfeeding my child would make it smaller. I never took classes nor read books about breastfeeding. My mom didn't breastfeed me so she didn't have the capability to advice me with my problems when I was breastfeeding. It was only during my confinement at Cardinal Santos Medical Center, that I've learned how to breastfeed my child. The hospital encourages breastfeeding and they provide ways to support this endeavor. During my five-day stay, I was glad that I had so much milk to give my baby. However, even with the assistance and advice of the midwifes provided, I was constantly in pain because of soreness. I just took the advice of using my milk as an antibiotic and applied ice when it was really sore. I only experienced comfort two weeks after but it came back when I had to pump my breast to take my board exam last September 1 and 2. The pain was on and off up to the time I attended this seminar.

I decided to sign up for the seminar because I always believed that you have to go back to the basics when you are experiencing problems. Gladly, when I went there, I saw a handful of women who have already given birth. How I wish I did this before

Ms. Abigail Yabot

The talk was given by Ms. Abigail Yabot, the founder of the Breastfeeding Club of La Leche League. She explained everything you needed about breastfeeding - from the benefits of breastfeeding, the proper positioning of the baby during breastfeeding, and the Do and Don'ts when breastfeeding. She also rationalized the breastfeeding myths - such as the effects of malunggay on increasing milk production and why women have low or no milk supply. All women can provide milk to babies even if they are just adopted. Women who think that they cannot breastfeed, just need proper guidance or assistance from experts to be able to do so. Because of her talk, I came to realize that my pain was a result of some of my misconceptions during breastfeeding.

Mommy Maricel of MedelaMoms

After the talk, Mommy Maricel, as she was fondly called by us, gave a talk on Medela Breastfeeding Products. I can relate to these products because, before this seminar, I've already bought the Medela Swing pump, breast pads, and storage bottles from their establishment and they were all great. During my stay at Cardinal Santos, I was able to use their hospital-grade Medela pump to relieve the engorgement of my breasts and as well as to donate milk to other not-so-fortunate mothers who have low breast milk supply. Since then, I've been a fan of Medela products. Mommy Maricel explained everything about their products and she also gave tips and instructions on how to use it. This encouraged me, as well as the other moms, to buy these products.

It was a great and very educating seminar. Today, I've been applying all the lessons I've learned from this seminar. I've been breastfeeding my son with almost no pain and, unlike before, my son is now very comfortable in my arms while I am breastfeeding him. Thank you Mothercare Philippines. You've really encouraged me to continue breastfeeding my child and I hope other moms who attended this seminar will also do so. Truly, it is a very rewarding and unexplainable feeling of joy when mothers breastfeed their babies. 

Check out MedelaMoms Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/medela.moms. You can reach them 0917-5614366 or 725-3723 or 738-6272 or 964-7331 or emailing them at medelamoms@gmail.com. They are located at New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines


  1. I already have a 3y/o son and I only breastfed him for a week, bothered that I'm not giving him enough milk that time because my milk supply was so little, I gave him formula instead. During that time, I really don't have any idea about breastfeeding not until I attended the Breastfeeding event at Mothercare. And now that I'm pregnant with my 2nd child, I will do the best that I can to breastfeed him.

    1. Thank you for sharing Mariz :) Continue to breastfeed him as much as you can. Its such a wonderful feeling to give your child the best of the best.

      Don't hesitate to contact lactation consultants or midwifes in case you will have problems. Always eat healthy foods and always be happy :)