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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Catastrophe Series

This blog entry is actually my entry for the Dainty Mom's/Howard Storage World contest. This is also the reason why I was  in such a panic mode, having only one month to finish this before the coming of my baby.... OH and OH! my board exams. Gaaaah. This is the moment where I wish those lovable gays from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" would just ransack my house and throw or sell some of my clutter and just make my house (especially my room!) ready for my baby's coming!

People always have the first impression of me as "maldita," strict or a hardworking kind of girl.  However, once they get to know me, they say I'm funny, a "talker," friendly, still hardworking but never organized. I remembered, during my college Graduation Ball, I was voted by my classmates as the "burara" or disorganized person in our section. Other people who know me well would be surprised to hear this as they always knew me as a woman who finishes tasks in a snap or one who is able to do things like no other.  This is not a characteristic of a burara girl. 

Now that my baby is coming, I am in panic mode because my room is not yet prepared for him. I'm just a starter with all of these baby preps and fixing the whole room will be a first for me. It was only recently that my parents helped me clear my stuff from my  dorm and they had to place all these in our living room and all over the den. During the process, I placed clothes which I wasn't using in huge container boxes, leaving room for my preggy clothes.  I also tried to clear up my table so that I can have a place to review for my upcoming board exams this September as well as store all of my big-big Medtech books.

Bwahahaha. I'm sure my sister, Zandra will be so mad when she sees this :))

Here is my room like 2 weeks ago. I started emptying those shelves you see and placed the contents in balikayan boxes (sponsored by the convenience stores blocks away from my house YAY!). 

I placed all of my books on the left side, free from all the dust that enters via my windows. All of my review notes are on the right side. Those shelves on the right are actually now 50% less cluttered but its hard for me to place all my books there as I have to climb just to reach the books on top. I also have this problem of not wanting to delegate some of the work, even if our maids are available. I've always wanted to do things on my own. 

So, I told my mom about my situation and how my anxiety kills me and prevents me from reviewing for my board. Since she is very comfortable utilizing our maids, she came to my rescue and asked the help of the maids in correcting the catastrophe inside my room. So tadaaaaa! Its all dumped in the den of our house. FAIL :)) but at least my room is almost ready for the baby.

All those stuff on the floor you saw in the 1st two pictures above are now gone and those shelves are now cleared from clutter. I can now store some of Kyle's baby stuff and move around freely.  However, many of my things still need organizing. I still have to return those stuff you see in my den back into my room... Let's face it... That mess will be seen by visitors to our home. 

I want to show pictures of the improvements... but I want to surprise all of you with the big finish! I believe I'm 50% done. I'm trying to balance my reviewing with the preparation and, thankfully, my mom and my hardworking Ates are helping me from my misery. I know its hard but this would be one of my biggest accomplishments, successfully turning my once cluttered room into a room safe for Kyle's coming :) So stay tuned!

With this blog entry, I hope to answer the question on why I deserve to win the Php10,000 wardrobe showcase from Howards Storage World. I desperately need this, having just graduated from college. My boyfriend and I are trying to maximize all the funds that we have, with the help of my mom. I'm still young and playful so this pregnancy and journey to motherhood is all a big bonanza as well as a crash course for me.


  1. Did you win? :)

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    1. Tommorow will be the deadline of the contest...I hope I will win. I desperately need this. Wish me luck!

      Just joined your giveaway. Thank you!