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Monday, June 25, 2012

My First Baby Shower

to see complete album set...MY FIRST BABY SHOWER

BLESSED. Last June 9, my relatives on my Dad's (Layug) side prepared my first baby shower, a day before my Ate Jaja will go back to Singapore and just after my Ninang Cherry's birthday. Take note that they were all busy the day before because they held a surprise party for my Ninang and yet they managed to prepare a fantastic baby shower for me. They told me the night before that I should go to their house by 3pm but, when I woke up that Saturday afternoon, they told me that they were going to postpone it to 4pm because they still have to buy gifts and prepare decors and food (Yiheee! Exciting!!). I was so excited that morning that I easily got up and looked for something nice to wear and to blow dry my hair! Knowing how my aunts and cousins work... I'm sure it was hella of a preparation.

Did you know that my favorite cartoon character is Winnie the Pooh? You should see my watches! Without telling them, they made me a Winnie the Pooh themed party ANNDDDD also without telling them.. they made me my favorite BAKED MAC!

Look how cute the cake is! It's red velvet cake (Marve's favorite!) coated with a layer made from potato and edible ink. It's amazing how technology innovates just to make this kind of cake that allows you to print even your own pictures! 

Saved by the miracle of Baked Mac!

The gifts! Almost all the basics were given! Thank you titas and ates! Notice the diaper cake at the right side - made by my Ate Sandy! Haha!

The room preparation filled with Winnie Pooh stuffed toys!

The girls in the Layug Family
L-R: Mama, Tita Tellie, Me, Ninang Cherry, Mandy, Ate Jaja and Ate Sandy
 My crazy family :)

 The game wherein you use a string to guess how big my stomach is. My cousin Mandy here was supposed to win but because of her mom's influence... Haha! My Tito Frank should have joined us. He could have won!
 The winner - my Ate Sandy with Mandy thinking she should have won :))
 The presentation of gifts! My Tita Tellie and Ninang Cherry also provided me with tips and lessons on being a mother for a newborn baby!

I am about to massacre the cutest cake ever! :(
If Marve joined that party, he would have eaten half of it in one sitting. Haha! We went home with that cake only a quarter consumed. ITS TOO HARD TO CUT IT MORE!!

I am truly blest with a wonderful family. These past few months that I have been surprising people, especially my relatives, with the news that I am infanticipating, I was amazed by their reactions. I never thought that it would go so easy on them but, with God's grace, everything went smoothly. Everyone was so supportive and even excited for the baby. I thank these people so much. Thank you to my Titas and Ates for this party! Thank you for putting so much joy for the coming of my Baby Kyle :)


  1. Awww! What a lovely shower. You and your baby are super loved :-)

    1. That's why I'm excited :) I miss you Ate Les!

  2. Wow, congrats on your new bundle of joy Cheska! (Magiging lolo na si Benj!):) Cute baby shower. And cheers for the new blog as well!

    1. Haha! Thank you Ate Kara! Sarap asarin si Papa na lolo na siya. Bwahahaha! Isa ka sa inspiration ko sa pagawa ng blog Ate Kara! See you soon!