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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Indeed I am saved by the miracle of baked mac.

Just like Garfield's Lasagna, Baked Mac is the food I always crave for ever since I got pregnant. In the past, it was not my favorite food but it's my Baby's Dad (Marve) favorite. Actually, all the foods that I crave is Marve's favorite. I can eat like 2 servings in just one sitting but, because of glucose concerns, I have to limit what I eat... something that I am not used to before.

Many things have changed since baby came into my womb... both physically and emotionally. Before, I used to dislike children with their noise and bratty minds but now I just adore them. I just wish that my baby will be a very loving and kind child just like his Dad. It was also surprising for my peers to be excited for my pregnancy and birth. For us who are studying in a Health Allied program... we see having children as a hindrance for those who are pursuing Medicine or higher studies. Surprisingly, my peers are very excited and even my relatives cannot wait to have the first "apo" grandchild in our generation. How I wish my Lola Lody was here. I miss you Lola :(

So this blog is created for everyone's entertainment. Haha! I will tell you people my adventures, my wishes and my "happy moments" towards motherhood and other shenanigans that I want to share in this blog. 

To start my blog, I want to show you my current picture with my Tito Alex. BATTLE OF THE TUMMIES!

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